Our company specializes in custom residential and commercial projects throughout Southern California

Solid surfacing fulfillng related needs

Advanced Surfaces inc has broad experience working with designers and creating complex architectural designs with solid surfaces. We understand the space should be a reflection of style and functionality that satisfies the needs of the particular guest while providing a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

Be it small and simple in scope or large and technically comprehensive, Advanced Surfaces Inc. has the know how to make it happen!


Advanced Surfaces inc. excels in custom residential remodeling. Advanced Surfaces' depth of professional experience and attention to detail are clearly evident in your finished products.

From beginning to end your project is handled by dedicated kitchen and bath professionals that can blow life into your ideas and make them a reality.


Advanced Surfaces inc. has been servicing local business through out southern california for over 30 years. Our expierence working with solid surfaces brings considerable knowledge to bear on the complex demands often required by any given business.


Advanced Surfaces Inc. has years of technical experience in the field of manufactured solid surface parts. If you can design it there is a good chance we can manufacture it.

Submit your design request for review and cost analysis. Advanced Surfaces Inc. proudly supports business-to-business manufacturing fulfillment programs.

Join the ranks of highly satisfied general contractors, specialty contractors and millworks that turn to Advanced Surfaces Inc. for their countertop needs. We mean what we say. Give us the opportunity to serve you and discover how easy your countertop solutions can be.